My name is Crystal and I am a dreamer, I am a Mother to 2 amazing girls and lucky enough to be the wife of a wonderful man, I am also a Women's Transformologist® and Creatrix® Facilitator and I am passionate about helping women. The reason I am so passionate about freeing Women from all types of suppression is because up until these 3 came into my life, that was where I sat, thinking there wasn't an answer. Once my family happened I knew I needed to change my thought process for fear of losing my 3 blessings. Being sexually abused at a very young age by a so called friend of the family...as often happens in many scenarios, had many effects on my mental well-being, which lead to a life of bad choices, unsafe situations where my life was riddled with sexual violence, date rape all taking place whilst in a relationship where I couldn't speak up for fear of being beaten. I don't remember a time where I had any self worth and then my hero came along. I reconnected with therapy, but this time I had a reason to get better, read loads of books, listened to hours of audios, numerous self development courses. It was a long road.... then FINALLY all that research and study lead me to the moment where I became whole and it was simple, no rehashing the painful memories, FREE AT LAST...No longer am I a people pleaser...let alone care for what others think of me. I have fun being me, I sing in public, I dance through the shops, my own happiness is now my number 1 priority....and now my goal is to share this with hundreds of my sisters out there who may be living a life that doesn't feel full and you don't know why or you may be living with grief, fear, pain. You may be like me and for a few months I would be great, thinking I was over everything in my past, then BANG, it would hit me in the face. You may be at a stand still in your business, in your career and are unable to figure out why. Creatrix® is the solution to a better life, a better world and I LOVE that I am certified to share this. It is a huge privilege and honor I have to be able to facilitate the moment when a life is transformed in front of your eyes. There is no bigger rush and no better feeling, because I know exactly what it's like to be set free. Now it's your turn to make up for lost time and live life in a way that supports your highest good. xx

Why your DNA isn't your destiny…

Have you ever noticed or been told how you have your Mother's eyes, Grandma's chin?

Have you watched other family members repeat family history over and over? And have you heard of Epigenetics? Its the scientific word for ‘you inherit your predecessor’s cellular and gene memory and programming including emotional scarring, patterns and certain cycles such as domestic violence, abuse and insecurities from your ancestors’. 

Studies show that we carry the ancestral heritage, and we even go a step further and pass it on to our daughters and sons. 

So, what if you could unload the pain of your ancestors and stop the pain of the negative emotions and limiting beliefs?

What if you could live life free of fear, guilt, anger and sadness and the old sabotage cycle?

What if you could instead live a life full of potential, love, joy and success?

Well, now you can. Creatrix® was designed exactly with you in mind. YOU can be the one to break the pattern and also free your future family of these shackles.


  1. Re-Lease - Emotional and Limiting Blockages. Creatrix® ReLEASES the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that continually control women and sabotage their success in all areas of life. 

  2. Re-Learn - Get Your Unique Soul’s Life Lesson’s and Tools to Move Forward. CREATRIX® quiets the self-talk / monkey mind and helps it to be more peaceful. This is a powerful tool when striving for better relationships, success or when challenged. This stage of ReLEARNING is for the unconscious and conscious mind together in unison, which will help avoid inner conflict later.

  3. Re-Code - Delete Inherited Negative Patterning. The ‘CREATRIX®’ Process ReCODES your genetic conditioning relieving you of the blocks and beliefs that have been sabotaging you, leaving you in a clearer space to perceive for yourself, connect to your power and create success’ and dreams from that space.

  4. Re-Frame - Your Entire Perspective. Creatrix® ReFRAMES the entire view of the world, yourself and others in a way that has clarity, that is open for opportunities, and leaves you in a compassionate, excited by life and calm manner.

  5.  Re-Create - The Life You Want. Your mind is a clean slate and you now have the opportunity to ReCREATE your life. To move into your future, free from past fears, insecurities, limiting beliefs and self-doubt. You will be supported, educated and feel empowered with useful techniques to help you stay cleaned out as you make changes in your life. You really are free to ReCREATE your life, as you desire, and deserve.

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