I AM....(who is this for....EVERY WOMAN)

February 19, 2017

In order to be aligned with your highest good, you first have to be aligned within yourself.

Do you know what it is that will make you truly happy?

What are your passions?

In this day and age we get so caught up making a living that we end up living a life by default rather than our Life By Design.

We find ourselves working a job we fell into, sometimes as a temporary until we find what it is that we really want, but then don't have time to follow that dream and then, we end up settling!

If you are out of balance, conflicted energetically, if you are upset emotionally, the world around you is going to seem like it is breaking down or falling apart at the seams.

Do you ever feel like something is just "off" in your life, like no matter what you do, no matter how much you try, no matter  how hard you work at it, things just aren't working out.

Maybe you are struggling financially - too much month at the end of the money.

Maybe it's a relationship with a loved one that's gone bad that you desperately want to repair, but the more you try, it seems the worse it gets.

Maybe it's finding motivation, always tired and just can't figure out why?

Maybe it's that familiar feeling of no direction and you are wondering if you are even on the right path.

THERE IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT THIS to bring things into alignment and harmony, within yourself and for your world around you.

You have the ability to manifest all that you desire and it doesn't depend on if the planets align, if the universe is smiling on you or you don't need to be born under a lucky star sign.

You can find what it is that makes your soul sing, your heart overflow with love, a joy filled life that you are excited to wake up to every day and it is as easy as breaking old habits and I can show you how.

Before Creatrix® I would shower in the dark so I didn't have to see myself.

I would pretend I was someone completely different, someone who was confident and beautiful and funny, then I would catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and EVERY time I would be shocked by who was looking back at me, because it wasn't who I was seeing myself as.

I would have to talk myself through every process of every task I undertook to keep the negative chatter from popping into my thoughts and taking over.

I was going through cycles where I was making progress and life would really be happening, then all of a sudden, WHAM, like a punch in the face....there I am back in the past and back to square one!

I was insecure, I self sabotaged, I drank to be happy with myself, I had no direction and I felt I was a burden on my family. I was over protective of my girls and didn't allow them to have lives of their own for fear of them experiencing any sort of pain and me not being there to take it away, physical or emotional yet in the process I caused the pain by not allowing them the freedom to have solid friendships.....all this while having everything anyone could ever wish for.....the mother of 2 beautiful girls, a very loved and doted on wife to a beautiful man, a successful franchise, a top enroller in a network marketing business, every reason to be happy....I just hadn't dealt with my inner demons.

Since Creatrix® I have found that I am that person I was pretending to be! I am strong, I am a leader, I am more than capable and I am in control.

I have broken the cycle, I have found my true authentic self and I love her!!!!

I am not a victim, I am the Victor!!!!!


I am free!



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